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Are your nails handmade?


Yes, all nails are handmade. 


What do you use to make your nails?


I use a layer of builder gel for semi thickness and flexibility. I use at least 3 top coats of gel after color has been applied as well.  


Are your nails hard like acrylic?


No, they are not. They are more flexible, yet durable.


How long do the nails last?


If applied with glue, the nails can last 1-2 weeks. For the longest wear, we recommend buffing your nail beds before application, and using the 2 dot rule with glue. Add glue on your natural nail bed and also on the press on nail and apply to each nail.  

Can I request a shorter length and different shape?


Those requests should be placed when putting items in your cart. 

Can I request a glossy or matte finish?


Yes. Topcoat request can be selected from the drop menu


How many nails do you get in a set?


Each set of nails comes with 10 total. This is why it is important to make sure you measure your nails beforehand or order a sizing kit before ordering a set. 

 We offer sets of 24 as well  

How long does shipping take?




My nails take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to ship out depending on the type of set. Please see our shipping page for more details. 

Do you do customized orders?


Yes, please email MagnificentlyPressedNails@gmail.com for all custom orders. 

What do the nails come with?


Each ORDER comes with an application kit that has 1 glue, glue tabs,  a cuticle pusher, nail file, and mini buffer for your nails. 



Are the nails reusable?


Yes, the our nails are reusable when you use the glue tabs that are provided in our application kits


If you use the glue tube, you will need a nail drill to make them reusable, as the only way they can properly be reused is if you drill the previous nail glue off the nails. 

Do you ship worldwide?


As of now, no  


How much is shipping?


Your shipping is automatically calculated at checkout.


Can I request a different shape/length than the depicted photo? 


Yes. You can only choose from the listed shapes and lengths that you see on our sizing options 


 What nail glue do you recommend?


KDS Professional nail glue,  Makartt Professional Nail Glue or KISS Professional nail glue


Can I exchange my nails if I get the wrong size?


No. Orders are final and cannot be refunded nor exchanged due to sanitary concerns. This is why it is important to size your nails, if you are unsure of your sizes please purchase a set of 24 or we have sizing kits available for 

Can I cancel my order?


I have a 24 hour cancellation request policy. If you request a cancellation for an order placed after 24 hours, you cannot cancel the order. All orders are FINAL, and cannot be cancelled or refunded after 24 hours.